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New year new book coming.

Good morning everyone and a very happy new year to you all. Sorry to have been out of touch, have been very busy lately. Also, battling some health issues. But winning that battle. Happy to say. I have just ordered some new copies of my memoir. If you would like a signed copy, please let me know and I would be happy to mail one out to you. It does take a while for me to get my author copies so please have patience. But if you send me your information, I would be happy to send you one and you can hit me up on my Venmo. I hope all is well, and let's make this a year to remember. Be on the lookout for a new novel coming out this year. A work of fiction. Entitled FIEND...The first in the three book series. I'm very much enjoying the process of writing this, and I hope you enjoy it when it is ready. Have a great day everyone!

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